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Boomboxery began more than 15 years ago as a new home for collectors of classic, portable cassette radios. In 2008, the first boombox “meet” was held with only two people. That simple gathering between two collectors kicked off other meets in the United States and abroad in the years that followed. In 2010, Lyle Owerko joined us in Sorrento, Florida, and photographed many of our boomboxes for his book, “The Boombox Project.”

We’ve shown off our collections with each other, we’ve traded, we’ve sold, but most importantly, we’ve shared thousands of tips and tricks, helping each other to make classic boomboxes happy again. If you find this website fun or beneficial, and would like to see it continue, please consider making a donation. Any amount will be greatly appreciated!


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Dec 31, 2024


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